This one has a variety of the styles I play, 12 string, classical, modern, a little world music, even a folk tune. All solo guitar, covering a lot of territory.
Jazz on a Classical Guitar
Jazz standards all arranged for classical guitar. All instrumental and all mellow. I was trained in this style of guitar years ago and then I went away from it completely after I stopped taking guitar lessons. I'm so glad I returned to my earlier guitar studies and recorded this album.
The Hymns Album
All the Hymns I remember from my childhood arranged for classical guitar by yours truly.
Playing with Silence
Guitar only. Similar to "Meditative Guitar." All nylon string guitar. Super mellow.
Christmas Guitar
Christmas classics all on solo guitar.
A Light in the Darkness
6 string, 12 string, and nylon string guitar. All instrumental. Lots of variety.
Meditative Guitar
Probably my most popular album. All nylon string guitar, all original. Very relaxing.
12 String
All solo 12 string guitar. Fast, percussive, flashy, fun.
Jeff Wahl
All steel, 6 string, instrumental guitar pieces. Very Leo Kottke and Will Ackerman inspired.
Mostly solo jazz guitar originals with a few classical pieces and sort of modern pieces thrown in as well.


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