Let me know if you need help learning any of my transcriptions

I've noticed a lot of people downloading transcriptions of my songs and arrangements recently. That is great. Thank you. Please feel free to ask my any questions you have about playing these songs. I don't think my songs and arrangements are all that difficult to play, but I do use some sort of unorthodox, self-taught techniques that might be tricky.

I lot of my songs are played on classical guitar and I do play on a standard size, wide neck. But I do use my thumb a lot to hold down bass strings, all the way to the 4th string. That can be quite a stretch. If it's causing you pain or just not working, you can probably play those chords by using another finger to hold the bass notes. I grew up playing mostly electric guitar and a little acoustic, and mostly playing rock music, so I learned or picked up the technique or habit of using my thumb after I learned a Jimi Hendrix song where it was notated the he used his thumb to hold down bass strings. After I learned that one song, I think it was Purple Haze, he often held standard, E based barre chords down using his thumb for the bass string, I just started using it all the time. When I started playing a lot of nylon string guitar, it was really hard to keep using the thumb, but I'm pretty stubborn and more than a little lazy, so I just kept using it. I've gotten used to it, but at first, it was painful to stretch my thumb around that wide, classical neck.

And, of course, there's the delay pedal trick that I use in songs like "Waterfall." People usually think I learned this from listening to U2's guitarist, The Edge, who uses this trick all the time. I love The Edge's playing and I think U2 is great, but I actually learned that trick from listening to Steve Stevens, the guitarist who plays with Billy Idol. He uses that trick very sparingly and only on a few songs. There's a song called "Shooting Stars" by Billy Idol that you'll hear Steve Stevens use this trick on. He wrote an article in "Guitar for the Practicing Musician," in which he explained how to do that trick. That's where I learned it. Come to think of it, that's where I learned the thumb/bass trick from the Hendrix song as well. That was a great magazine. I think it changed names a few years ago to "Guitar One" or something like that. I haven't read it since I was a kid, but it sure was a great magazine for me. I learned so much from it. I think I have a YouTube video out here somewhere in which I explain how to set up that delay trick.

I use a Boss delay pedal. I use the old ones, I think it's the DD-2 as well as some of the later ones, DD-8 maybe? Nothing fancy. Anyway, don't hesitate to email me if you want any help learning any of my songs or arrangements.