Merry Christmas!

Today is Christmas Eve at the tail end of the strangest year any of us have ever seen.

As many of you know, I released a solo guitar Christmas album a few years ago that has been surprisingly popular. It sure surprised me how popular its been.

I've heard it played in many places at Christmas time. It's a very strange experience to hear music over a sound system in a store and not know why the music is grabbing my attention until I realize it's me playing over the speakers. That's really strange when I hear it on phone services when I'm hold. It's really cool, I think it's great, but it's always a little strange.

You may have heard this music on a Christmas playlist or Christmas station on a streaming service and haven't known it was me. But one way or another, if my music is a part of your Christmas celebrations, thank you so much. What an honor that is to know how many homes my music is shared in a Christmas time every year. It's really an amazing feeling. And what a miracle of technology it is that something like that is even possible.

So, I'm glad we made it through this year and I'm very happy that my guitar playing is a part of so many people's Christmas seasons. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!