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Jeff Wahl: Music, Videos, Links


Playing with Silence
New album available! If you liked Meditative Guitar or the Christmas album, you'll love this one. All classical guitar, all very mellow.
Christmas Guitar
A Light in the Darkness
Meditative Guitar
12 String
Jeff Wahl


My YouTube page
Here you can watch videos of me playing guitar. This will take you to YouTube.

Links related to me

Magnatune is a great website that markets downloads of my music for all sorts of uses. You can listen for free without buying too.
CD Baby
CDbaby sells CD's for me online. They are a terrific company to work with.
Mood mixes
This is a service that restaurants or shops can use to have a constantly changing mix of background music. They use my music in their mixes.
Lending a Voice podcasting interview.
Here is an interview that I did with a podcasting station from San Francisco called a "Lending a Voice".
Film using one of my songs as a soundtrack
This is a really cute online film that uses one of my jazzs songs from Guitarscapes as a soundtrack.
Little Pearls
A short film website that used my song "Freedom" in one of their films. Choose the film about the baby owl. Very sweet.

Businesses I support

Hostbaby is a great service that helps musicians create webpages. My website is hosted by Hostbaby. They are terrific to work with. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Seldom Fed Productions
Seldom Fed Productions is a recording studio in Fort Collins, Colorado run by one of Colorado's best lap steel guitarists, Chris Kennison. I recorded "12 String" there. Chris is very easy to work with and he has a great studio. He is also a founding member of the Hawaiin Swing band "Book em' Danno."
Tapes Again CD and Tape Duplication
This is a business in Boulder, Colorado that will duplicate your CD's and help you design the layout of the visuals. Hugh Roberston, the owner, is very patient and very generous with his time and expertise. You can duplicate as many or as few CD's as you want at Tapes Again.


Leo Kottke
The greatest. What else can be said? As far as I'm concerned, he invented modern steel string guitar.
Michael Hedges
Took the guitar to places no one had imagined before. Michael transformed the world's expectations about the acoustic guitar's possibilities.
William Ackerman
Writes beautiful guitar ballads in open tunings. Also the founder of Windham Hill Records.
Preston Reed
The king of tapping and slapping on the guitar. It sounds like a full rock band blasting away when he plays one guitar.
Tommy Emmanuel
Words can't describe this guy. Probably the most intimidating acoustic guitarist on the planet. If you see him live, be warned, you may never want to play again.
Don Ross
Writes solo guitar songs that are technically virtuosic while at the same time being very catchy and filled with pop music hooks. I love that.
Tuck Andress
The guitar half of the vocal/guitar, husband/wife duo, "Tuck and Patti". Also has a few terrific solo guitar albums out. Very amazing jazz, soul, fingerstyle guitarist.
Michael Gulezian
One of the originators of the tapping and slapping acoustic guitar sounds that are so prevalent today. Very fun to listen to.